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What form should How The Virus Stole Christmas be in? 

8 deviants said Short Comic following original story but with my own twist.
1 deviant said Written With minimum of 4 or 5 short chapters.
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United States
Updated 7/1/14

Hello everyone! From well known watchers and friends to random people who probably clicked on my profile by accident!

My name is Asia. But I'm known as Danielle here on the lovely internet.

As you can see I enjoy drawing and writing random shit that no one cares about...But I can't see myself doing anything else but drawing and storytelling. How I got the skill is unknown. My mother definitely isn't the artsy type, but I do share many traits with her, and my father is more of a musician than anything, but we both share similar visions.

As of now I am an undergrad going to The Art Institute of Nashville TN, and my hometown is Memphis TN. My hope is to major in Media Arts and Animation.

Besides that, I originally live with my mother and aunt, and of course we can't forget the dog Chance. But in mind...I live with so many more people. My creations of course. Alex, Jason, my alter ego Danielle the Catgirl, Chance, my aunts former dog, Deuce the German Shepherd...There are so many more to talk about!

Anyway, A few other things to know about me...

I'm eager to help, with stories, art, and usually anything that you'd like to ask me. No need to be shy, I don't bite! But I do bark ;3

I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills so I can get them ready for the future. I dream big, and I only hope for my dreams to hopefully, one day, become a reality.

RP Accounts:

I'm ALWAYS free to RP with anyone interested ^^ But, if you decide to Role-play with me, I suggest you...
1. Know how to type
2. Talk as if you are meeting with a guy for a job interview
3. ACTUALLY PUT spaces and periods ect...~
4. I have a life to deal with, and even though it seems I'm always here, I'm not.
5. NO and I mean NO God RPing. If you wanna RP and you don't know what that is, look it up before asking to RP.

Current Residence: Realms Kingdom Castle
Favorite genre of music: Rock, Pop, (Sometimes) Indie
Favorite style of art: Manga/Anime
MP3 player of choice: My Cellphone :/
Favorite cartoon character: The list would fill up the box...
Personal Quotes: "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile."
"Hold on. Looking For Fucks to Give."
"If you have a problem with me, right it neatly on a piece of paper, put it inside an envelope, fold it up and shove it up your ass."
"Something old, something new. Something broke, something black and blue."
"You need to put up or shut up."

Journal History

So...When I was getting ready for the con I realized I left my camera in my nightstand drawer...Back in Nashville.

I'll be honest. I now consider myself THE DUMBEST SHIT STAIN ON EARTH.

Found my grandma's, and I'll be forced to use it all weekend....AND find the USB cord. Fuck me.

The con itself was kick ass. And I got to see Renee again since August! :D Bought a small Loki figure cause Ilovethatfuckerdontjudgeme.

Also went to a panel where they have a live cartoon with live voice acting and everything! That's where we saw J. Michael Tatum for the first time...!!!!! I saw him giving a private panel to a class, and I freaked out on the spot...! Me and Renee couldn't hardly contain ourselves during the panel, and the panel itself was totally AMAZING.

Although I was jumping around to hard, and ended up breaking my Inuyasha necklace...AGAIN.

All in all, short day, but still packed with awesomeness!!!
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Poppies Getting Violent... -DHS OneShot- by AsiaTheAnimator
Poppies Getting Violent... -DHS OneShot-
'No, no no no...!!! I'm so dead...I'm so-so-so dead...!'

Heather, the number 1 Poppie wannabee, quickly shifted through a black and red bag that had a 'B' on the side made out of small jewels. She gasped as she finally took out a DHS cheerleader uniform.
"Yes...Yes yes yes...!" She clutched it, but then jumped when she heard the door to the locker room open. She quickly hid inside of a bathroom stall. After hearing footsteps come in, and quickly leave, she made a break for the door, running along side of the wall of the gym, and running for a nearby bathroom. She closed herself into a stall and crouched down to make sure that no one followed her. Looking at the uniform she squealed on the inside and grinned with delight, before quickly changing into it. Minutes passed before she quickly came out of the stall and posed, taking a few pictures of herself before preparing to send them to a couple of friends. Suddenly, the sound of a door opened, and she was forced into the stall to hide, just in case. She noticed that she sent the pictures to Eve and Sydney, two kind hearted Poppies.
"T-they wouldn't tell...right..?" She stroked her long braid of hair nervously and sighed, waiting for whoever that entered to leave. She changed back, and tucked the uniform under her shirt before sneaking to her locker and stuffing it in. Sighing, she looked around a bit before quickly heading off.


"Who in the FUCK TOOK MY UNIFORM!!??!" Brittney snarled as she shoved girls down, searching their bags for her cheer uniform in a crazy rage, "Who the FUCK DOES THAT!?" She kicked the girl on the floor and moved onto the next one. Christian entered and was surprised by what was inside the locker room.
"CHRISTIAN." Brittney stomped over as the cat blinked in surprise.
"Someone stole my FUCKING UNIFORM."
"What?" Christian narrowed her eyes, looking on in disbelief.
"It was there when I fucking changed into my GYM CLOTHES, and now it's FUCKING GONE." Brittney growled.
"Who would be stupid enough to...-" Christian's phone chimed as she took it out,"It's Sydney-" she reads the message, "Is Heather on the cheer squad?"
"What?" Brittney snapped, "FUCK no!" Christian blinks as she texts Sydney, then waits for a moment before showing Brittney the picture.
"WHO IN THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK SHE FUCKING IS!?!??!" Brittney yelled at the top of her lungs.
"Anna needs to know about this...I think she might have just what we need..." Christian said.

Two class periods passed, and it was time to go home. Heather hummed at her locker as she covered up the cheer uniform she was hiding. Nearby, Annabelle and Kristy walked out of a classroom together, dressed in their new uniforms as usual, when they spotted her.
"There's the fucking thief..." Kristy said.
"Hmph." Annabelle scoffed as she took something out of her bag and walks over, Christian joining them.
"What are you gonna do?" She asked.
"You'll see..." Annabelle replied. As they walked over, Heather was to busy looking at her phone, and seeing people compliment her on her cheer uniform pictures. She grinned innocently to herself and sighed, before she felt someone tap her on her shoulder. Turning around, she was face to face with the head Poppies...
Annabelle smiled, "Heya Heather." Annabelle said quietly.
"Hey!" Heather grinned, trying to appease her.
"I've got a bit of a problem...can you help me find something?"
"S-sure! Anything Anna!" Heather quickly responded as she nodded.
"One of my friends lost something real important...And, I think someone may have stolen it from her..."
'Shit.' Heather started to panic.
"Well, I'm not sure if I can help...I mean, I'm no Poppie and all so-"
"I know, I know." Annabelle responded with a smile, "There IS something else you can do for me though."
"Anything!" Heather said. She suddenly gasped, as Annabelle presented something from behind her back.
"Can you figure out who this belongs to? Tsk, I'd feel terrible if they couldn't find it." Annabelle giggled as she held out Heather's own pigtail in her left hand, and a pair of scissors in the other. Kristy and Christian grinned as they somewhat blocked the two out from the crowd.
"A-ahh-!" Heather was destroyed. Her long perfect ponytail had just been cut off by the one person she wanted to be with the most...She even reached behind her head, only to feel what was left of the pony tail, which made her gasp, and made tears well into her eyes.
"W-aah-!!" Heather was about to yell, but Annabelle responded by dropping the ponytail and scissors and grabbing her by the shirt, pushing her up against the lockers.
"Lets get something straight, WANNABEE." Annabelle started as she glared at the rabbit, "You EVER do something this stupid again...let alone LOOK at us...I'll make sure you wished that you had NEVER met us in the FIRST PLACE. Understand..?"
"I'm- I'msorry!I'msorry!!! I'll give it BACK!!!" Heather begged for forgiveness as Annabelle let go, watching as the crying rabbit opened her locker and handed the Queen Bitch the uniform.
"Perfect." Annabelle looked it over, "Christian?" Christian grinned as she walked over grinning.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe you shouldn't steal from a Poppie next time, hm...?" Annabelle smiled as Christian sent a right hook towards Heather's right eye, leaving a dark bruise before she and Kristy shoved her into her locker, and closing it tight, before the three walked off.

"Why...why..." Heather whimpered and sobbed from inside the locker, too broken to call out for help or hit the door.
"I just...wanted to be one of them..." She sobbed...


I was bored -3-

Annabelle, Kristy, Brittney, Christian, Heather, and DHS belong to me (c) :iconasiatheanimator:



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Alright, I understand. I was in the same boat as you, but I caved and started reading it.  Like I said, I am a little pissed at myself for liking this, but I do enjoy it and it's a odd feeling.

But I will let out a grievance: HOLY BALLS IS IT HARD TO FIND GOOD FAN ART.

From hearing this, I'm guessing you basically know the trolls are, or at least know what some of them look like.

But do send your friend this picture.… She'll either laugh or be disgusted. I hope for both.
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I will admit that it takes for-fucking-ever to be really interesting. After they all get in the game then you start wondering whats going to happen. Once you get to the trolls, then you get interested and invested. And that's where I'm at now.

What really caught my interest after a while was the videos people made for it. I can show you a few favorites of mine. They're generally hilarious, though. I don't want to send you anything you don't want, though. :la:
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But, I joined just in time for everyone to die. I'm halfway through, but I spoiled myself, something which I do not normally do.

Like, there's 165 or so characters in this, as someone pointed out. Like...8 of them are alive right now.

To say all my favorite characters die is a fuggin' understatment, girl.
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Thanks :la:
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